Eastoan Extra Strong Hold Eyelash Extension Glue

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  • ADVANCED EYELASH GLUE – Eastoaneyelash extension glue is one of the strongest glues on the market. It has an ultra-quick 1-2 seconds drying time. The bonding period of our lash adhesive is more than 7 weeks under the proper application. Whatever the weather is, wind or rain, even hot temperature, – all doesn’t matter with our eyelash glue! The lash extensions will stay perfect.
  • FAST DRY TIME — Concise drying time: 1-2 seconds. You will be able to service your customers much faster and more efficiently. Fast-drying, fragrance-free & strong enough to use on even the tiniest lashes, this eyelash extension glue is a perfect choice for people looking for professional quality.
  • LONGEST RETENTION PERIOD — The Eyelash adhesive has the most durable adhesion, which will last up to 7-8 weeks. Treat your clients by using the absolute best glue while maintaining an ultra natural look. No more complaints that lashes are falling out too soon after treatment!
  • SAFE & PREMIUM LASHES GLUE – The most gentle eyelash glue to use on even the most sensitive and thin lashes. NO fragrance, gluten, sulfate, formaldehyde, latex, BPA! Free of mineral oils & parabens! Very LOW FUME! Medical-grade eyelash extension adhesive – time to invest in the best lash glue is NOW!
  • KEEP LASH INTACT — No need to worry about rain, wind, hot temperature, and so on. Our eyelash extension glue can keep your lashes intact for the most extended item, a stronghold for professional use.



– For professional use only. Never use this product for self-application with individual lashes, and never with strip lashes
– The adhesive may give off fumes. Always do a lash extension in a well-ventilated room
– Prevent contact with eyes or eyelids to avoid irritation


1.Before applying, please clean the eyelashes.
2.The client’s eyes must keep tightly closed all the time and protected with eye pads.
3.Please shake the bottle around 50 times before the first use. Shake the bottle around 30-50 times for next time use.
4.The individual lashes coated with adhesive is attached to a portion about 2 mm away from the root, and the individual lashes direction is consistent with the course of the natural eyelashes.
5.The interval between each eyelash grafting is more than 5 seconds.
6.After the extension, fan eyelashes for 5-10 min.
7.In case of eye or skin contact, flush with water for 15 minutes

Dry time: 1-2 second
Lasting time: up to 7 Weeks
Color: Black
Skill level: Expert
Temperature: 70-75 F | 21-24 C
Volume: 10ml | 0.34 fl. Oz

Formaldehyde & latex free
Low viscosity & fumes
High flexibility
Perfect for all volumes

Brand: Eastoan

UPC: 717351567488

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